sunnuntai 12. huhtikuuta 2015

The Sakura's celebrity.

Hello all!
I know this comes so late.. :( I'm very sorry! I just have been busy here and so tired everyday.
As I mentioned on last post that I'll post next one aout the cherry blossom's season celebrity party!
It was so fun. I'm very thankful for inviting us to the party! We where able to listen live about Traditional Japanese music and it was so beautiful!! we had so fun there and we ate also dinner together with the all guests.

Before we head up to the party place we where shown an old street witch are ruled by old masters many years ago. It was so interested to see very old houses and traditional ones too and the old street!

The trainstation where we head up to the party. 

Beautiful view from train's window! 

The old street.

Beautiful house and the all tree's and flowers! 

very old building.

Beautiful nature !

More of the beautiful houses and the nature on the way to the party!

hah the reflection of us trouth of window.

Old building.

Mochi! And it was sooo yummy! <3 Cherry flavour.

Mochi and salt tea  with sakura flover.

SAKURA tree so beautiful!!

All in the same picture :D it was so fun night! THANK YOU ALL FOR INVITING AND THE PARTY!

Traditional flute live. so beautiful sounds!

This was Koto music with some song and flute

so many delicious food! All where sooo yummy!!

more of the food! <3

This's called NABE! so delicious and the soup is so damn delicious! Love it! 

And again more food! *o*

Strawnberries!! *-*いちご!

And the last picture! Night view of Sakura <3!

Thank you so much for reading and watching this blog again! More is coming still.  I've still 3 weeks left!

sunnuntai 5. huhtikuuta 2015

Once upon a time... SAKURA blossom!

Hello all of you!
Long time no see again. I've been lately been on working and seeing cherry blossom, also shopping too with my friends and two new finnish girls with I've been now became a friend! I also was last saturday at Cherry Blossom opening season party! witch we all where invite and it was so fun and we where so welcome there! we heard also at live Koto music and other Japanese traditional music. I loved it! So beautiful.
So I've took so many pictures of Sakura (Cherry-blossom) and now I'm posting of it finally! And what the best thing, one of my dreams to see SAKURA by live has became true!!! <3

Here's some pictures:

So beautiful Sakura blossom!! 

Here's some pictures witch I've been taken! I've lots of more tho and I'm sure that I'll go to see them again and again ! :D while they're blossom!

Have  beautiful day all of you! Next blog I'll post about the celebrity of the Cherry blossom party. :)

keskiviikko 25. maaliskuuta 2015

Second time at the clinic in Japan... + A lovely surprise Package from my boyfriend!!

Hello everyone!
Hope you all are doing better than I'm at the moment!

I've been today again at the clinic...  For the first time was because of my back's horrible pain.. Now my cheek (left side) is bit puffy... :( Also it hurts still a bit and bit hard to breathe.. Mabye because of my cheek condition.. So they took the X-ray again but this time on my cheek area.
That's result was that I do have the sinusitis what I've been though :(.
So I got some antibiotics for it and pain killers..

medicines I got they're inside of those packs  and even it has my name in Japanese!
Bye from now! Hope you liked this post tho about my sickness. I'll try my est to recover!
Take care everyone!

Later today around 4pm after I woke up from nap my doorbell ringed and I wondered who is it.. I went to open it and oh, it was a postman with my package from my amazing boyfriend!!! THANK YOU!! It make my day ! got me so happy and love everything in there and he wroted me long letter and I cried from the first page to end of the letter it was so sweet <3!!!

The packets from my lovely boyfriend from Finland <3 MY REALLY BEST PACKET WHAT I'VE EVER GOT <3!!

torstai 19. maaliskuuta 2015

First week in Japan as trainee at Kiitos restaurant in Osaka!

Hope you all are doing fine. I'll write about my first week of being here in Osaka and at Kiitos restaurant.

8.3.2015 my flight to Osaka from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
Waiting for the flight to Osaka-Kansai at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in Finland!

Finally in the plane! Ready for the flight to Osaka-Kansai!

My first dinner at airplane!! It was suprisingly good but it too salty! And bread wasn't good.
Beautiful night view on top of Russia.. Our way to Osaka Japan!

We arrived to Osaka's Kansai Airport around 10am on 9th of March! Someone was waiting for us at the Osaka's Airport, Etsuko-san. She picked us ( me and my friend from our school) and drove us to their office for the first. It took probably almost 2 hours if I remember right to their office from Airport. We had a welcome lunch there and it was so amazing! She also showed us our timetables, some informations etc.

After we arrived at Kansai airport Osaka, we met Etsuko-san and the driver. They brought us to Etsuko-san's office! It was pretty! They give us some water. She give us also some papers, our timetables and so. 

After we arrived to their office and got some papers, water and information, they give for us a welcome lunch!! It was pretty amazing buy a chef Matsumoto-san! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really loved it.

Our welcome lunch! It was so amazing and tasted really gooood!! THANK YOU! 

Here's closer the food. really amazing!

And the rest of the lunch!! 

After we finnished our lunch, Etsuko-san took us to the farest LIFE store ( food and good store) from our apartment. We went there to check it out and buy some food an things for couple days. 
Then we went to our apartment!! It's small but quite nice! :) I like it tho!! 

About my apartment!

My tv!! It's pretty big I like! :D

The rest of my apartment. On the lobby I've way to bathroom.
My first small shopping! Of course Nattou!!! I love it! 

Then we just spend our first time at our apartments! :) Then next day we headed to Kiitos restaurant to check it out and meet people there. 

The view from my apartment! The right side. 

And the ground from my apartment! 

Left side from my apartment.

Our postboxes!! 

My postbox (503)

Me front of our postboxes! Trying to show where's mine. 

Our first meal at Kiitos restaurant!! So so delicious!!!
Kiitos restaurant's menu! 

After Our visiting Kiitos restaurant me, my friend and Etsuko-san went to subway 4-chome we went to check out Tennoji's shopping area! It was really nice! Thank you :) There was a smaller new SHIBUYA 109. One of my favourite brand LIZ LISA store also is there! And many other stores! But the Tennoji's Shibuya 109 is smaller than the real one at Shibuya! 
We've visited there alreaddy around 3 times with my friend. And now to Namba station and around Namba a little bit like Bic Camera, BOOK OFF so on. :) so fun! 

One of the place where we can buy tickets to suway train travel! 

The map for Shibuya 109.

Around SHIBUYA 109. 
Me at front of my favourite store!! *o* 
I'll post aout shopping  more! And also next weeks until our going back to Finland. I've been the rest of this week days off because of my back pain.. I went also to clinic here two days ago. I got one belt and some cold backs if they would help my back pain witch has been redicilous bad hurting everyday at work.  I tried to stand the pain whole week but seems like wednesday it was the end of the dot for the pain stand. Coz it was so bad :( I hope that it'll be better from now with my rest!!