sunnuntai 12. huhtikuuta 2015

The Sakura's celebrity.

Hello all!
I know this comes so late.. :( I'm very sorry! I just have been busy here and so tired everyday.
As I mentioned on last post that I'll post next one aout the cherry blossom's season celebrity party!
It was so fun. I'm very thankful for inviting us to the party! We where able to listen live about Traditional Japanese music and it was so beautiful!! we had so fun there and we ate also dinner together with the all guests.

Before we head up to the party place we where shown an old street witch are ruled by old masters many years ago. It was so interested to see very old houses and traditional ones too and the old street!

The trainstation where we head up to the party. 

Beautiful view from train's window! 

The old street.

Beautiful house and the all tree's and flowers! 

very old building.

Beautiful nature !

More of the beautiful houses and the nature on the way to the party!

hah the reflection of us trouth of window.

Old building.

Mochi! And it was sooo yummy! <3 Cherry flavour.

Mochi and salt tea  with sakura flover.

SAKURA tree so beautiful!!

All in the same picture :D it was so fun night! THANK YOU ALL FOR INVITING AND THE PARTY!

Traditional flute live. so beautiful sounds!

This was Koto music with some song and flute

so many delicious food! All where sooo yummy!!

more of the food! <3

This's called NABE! so delicious and the soup is so damn delicious! Love it! 

And again more food! *o*

Strawnberries!! *-*いちご!

And the last picture! Night view of Sakura <3!

Thank you so much for reading and watching this blog again! More is coming still.  I've still 3 weeks left!

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