sunnuntai 5. huhtikuuta 2015

Once upon a time... SAKURA blossom!

Hello all of you!
Long time no see again. I've been lately been on working and seeing cherry blossom, also shopping too with my friends and two new finnish girls with I've been now became a friend! I also was last saturday at Cherry Blossom opening season party! witch we all where invite and it was so fun and we where so welcome there! we heard also at live Koto music and other Japanese traditional music. I loved it! So beautiful.
So I've took so many pictures of Sakura (Cherry-blossom) and now I'm posting of it finally! And what the best thing, one of my dreams to see SAKURA by live has became true!!! <3

Here's some pictures:

So beautiful Sakura blossom!! 

Here's some pictures witch I've been taken! I've lots of more tho and I'm sure that I'll go to see them again and again ! :D while they're blossom!

Have  beautiful day all of you! Next blog I'll post about the celebrity of the Cherry blossom party. :)

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