keskiviikko 25. maaliskuuta 2015

Second time at the clinic in Japan... + A lovely surprise Package from my boyfriend!!

Hello everyone!
Hope you all are doing better than I'm at the moment!

I've been today again at the clinic...  For the first time was because of my back's horrible pain.. Now my cheek (left side) is bit puffy... :( Also it hurts still a bit and bit hard to breathe.. Mabye because of my cheek condition.. So they took the X-ray again but this time on my cheek area.
That's result was that I do have the sinusitis what I've been though :(.
So I got some antibiotics for it and pain killers..

medicines I got they're inside of those packs  and even it has my name in Japanese!
Bye from now! Hope you liked this post tho about my sickness. I'll try my est to recover!
Take care everyone!

Later today around 4pm after I woke up from nap my doorbell ringed and I wondered who is it.. I went to open it and oh, it was a postman with my package from my amazing boyfriend!!! THANK YOU!! It make my day ! got me so happy and love everything in there and he wroted me long letter and I cried from the first page to end of the letter it was so sweet <3!!!

The packets from my lovely boyfriend from Finland <3 MY REALLY BEST PACKET WHAT I'VE EVER GOT <3!!

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